Reasons For Haunting – 5 Top Reasons Ghosts Can’t Move on

Lisa R. Parker

In simple words, ghosts are the spirits or souls of deceased people. A past event or happening can also be considered a “ghost,” particularly if it continues to haunt you even in the present. Ghosts have been believed in and spoken about since times immemorial, and there isn’t a single culture, religion, or civilization in the world that isn’t, in some way, acquainted with ghosts.

Ghosts terrify many people because of their ability to haunt people, places, and things. And if a ghost takes a fancy to you and decides to stick to you for some reason, the experience can be overwhelming.

If you find that you are haunted, you have nothing to worry about. You can easily get rid of an unwanted ghost. However, before you try driving away a ghost, you must understand why ghosts haunt. Here are some reasons a ghost might want to haunt you.

1. Unfair Behavior

Be kind-hearted and fair to everybody. If you hurt or cheat anybody, they might come back from the grave to haunt you, and you will find it very difficult to get rid of them.

2. Desire To Be Helped

Ghosts might find it difficult to move on the higher dimensions because something on earth is keeping them back. The kindest thing you can ever do to a ghost is to provide a solution to his/her problems.

For example, the philosopher Athenedoros Cananites was haunted by the ghost of an old man who kept showing him a certain place. When the philosopher dug up the place, it revealed the remains of the man. The haunting ceased only after the philosopher gave a decent burial to the man.

People who haven’t received a proper burial and have certain unfinished jobs to do might come back to earth as ghosts and haunt the living.

3. Unhappiness

“The Unquiet Grave” is an ancient English folk song about a female ghost who cannot move on because of her beloved’s incessant weeping. Your negative emotions might stop your loved ones from moving on. So, shed the emotional baggage, smile, and live life happily. It will help the dead move on in peace.

4. Complicated Personal Affairs

Ghosts cannot rest in peace if they die leaving a conflict unresolved or an affair open-ended. A popular English ballad tells the tale of a ghost who cannot move on because he had promised to marry his sweetheart. He needed his sweetheart to release him from the bonds of the promise so that he could move on in peace. The best way to avoid haunting is to resolve all open-ended relationships.

5. Operating Ouija Boards

Many people make the mistake of attracting unwanted spirits by operating Ouija boards, playing tarot cards, and so on. Never tempt fate in such a manner; you do not know what sort of ghost you might attract. Before fixing a problem with haunting, you might find the need to fix your problems with yourself and your life. And if this doesn’t help, get a priest to perform an exorcism or find a professional ghost hunting group to drive away the spook.

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