Advanced SEO techniques to increase organic traffic in 2022

Lisa R. Parker

Advanced SEO Techniques for 2022: Generate More Traffic


While operating in a competitive market, you need to go an extra mile to achieve success with SEO. To make your organic search strategy to attain business growth, enhance traffic and conversions, you will be required to step up your strategy to another level. This means you will be required to learn and apply advanced SEO techniques that will give your business a boost and competitive advantage over others.


As we have entered 2022, let’s look at some of the advanced SEO techniques that will help your business grow.


Voice Search Optimization

With the advent of artificial intelligence, the demand for smart virtual assistants such as Siri, Google, Alexa and Bixby, which run on voice-enabled searches, has increased. To optimize voice search, you need to focus upon long-tail and location-based keywords and use them along with a conversational tone.


Check and Modify Meta Titles for CTR Optimization

Very often, people notice meta titles and meta descriptions on the website. Using keyword rich meta titles help web pages to rank higher in SERPs and also Google gets a fair idea of what the content is all about.


Apply E-A-T Theory

A website’s reputation has become the primary factor for Google and therefore using the E-A-T theory is essential. It majorly refers to ‘Expertise – Authoritativeness – Trustworthiness’ which means that first you need to attain expertise in the topic you are presenting content on, then you need to establish authority and lastly gain the trust of customers. The best way to achieve this is creating unique content, updating the existing content and highlighting all your accomplishments.


Create Quality Content

To perform well in terms of SEO, it’s highly important to create content that is of high quality, is unique and capable of engaging the readers. The key is creating content that is elaborative and explains the topic well. This will help you to make the users stay for longer duration on your page, establish authority of your page and also the users will feel like visiting your page again and again for more knowledgeable content. Furthermore, you can mention the sources of information to make your content look authentic.


Emphasize on Video Content

Video optimization has gained a lot of importance as videos are capable of driving a lot more traffic to your site than other sources. Adding a bunch of relevant keywords and hashtags in your video titles and descriptions can help your page rank higher and come in the notice of viewers in no time.


Enhance Technical SEO

While enhancing the content, laying focus on the technical aspects of SEO will be the driving force in the year 2022 that will help boost your business. This involves tracking page to crawl rate, page speed ratio and also ensuring that backlinks, redirects and URL structures are optimized enough to drive maximum traffic in the year 2022.


Pay Attention to Local SEO

In case you own a local business, you can consider adding local keywords to your meta descriptions. Furthermore, you can add your name and contact details on your website to establish credibility of your business.


Focus on Featured Snippets

Google uses multiple ways to highlight organic content and featured snippets are one of them. To let Google generate featured snippets of your content, you need to ensure that your content is to the point and includes short-tail as well as long-tail keywords.


Emphasize on Mobile SEO

Smartphones are playing a pivotal role in today’s digital marketing era. According to Google, in the coming days, there will be more emphasis on the website loading speed on mobiles and also the activities of individuals on mobiles will govern digital marketing to the greatest extent. Therefore, marketers are required to optimize their website according to mobile first and then optimize other things accordingly.


In the year 2022, individuals and their personalized experiences will be greatly influencing all the SEO techniques. To make your business grow, you need to focus on advanced SEO techniques. We hope the techniques mentioned above in this article will give a better picture of the techniques will be highly useful for you to boost your business.

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