Current Free Tuition Universities in Europe For International Students

Lisa R. Parker

Tuition free universities for international students are still in existence regardless the fact that the some governments in Europe stopped granting free tuition to international students. Sweden for instance used to grant free education to applicants all over the world including Nigerian applicants and Africa as a whole. Tuition to these free tuition universities was solely funded by the government of these countries. But recently, the government of Sweden changed their policy and decided charging for tuition. This decision is not general as some applicants from other countries are not affected by the policy.

In a nutshell, this policy affects citizens from countries that are outside the European Union and the European Economic Area. Also residents in Sweden who do not have resident permits are affected by the policy.

This policy takes immediate effect from the beginning of autumn semester 2011. The last admission before this is for spring semester 2011. So people who are applying for the spring semester are not affected by the policy until they complete their program in the universities they have been admitted to. The deadline for this spring semester application is 15th August 2010 while the deadline for submission of supporting documents is 1st September, 2010. Applicants will be notified of their results by the beginning of November.

If you are not lucky to apply before the above deadline, there are still other universities in Europe that offer free education for international students. As the government of Sweden stopped granting free tuition to international students with effect from autumn semester 2011, some European countries didn’t stop free tuition for international students. But the fact is that nobody knows the future plan of these countries to change their education policy regarding free tuition to international students.

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