How to Turn Her On – Powerful Psychology Tricks That Will Spike Up Her SEXUAL Temperature Quickly!

Lisa R. Parker

It’s a little known fact that women cannot help but feel turned on if they get sexual ideas planted into their heads. However, not many guys really know how to do this – and most of the time they rely on old, tired routines and pickup lines which don’t really get them anywhere. Worse, there are self proclaimed “seduction gurus” and charlatans who are bent to sell the magic pill that will solve a man’s problems. Fear not – help is here. Read on to discover the killer methods that you can use to turn a woman on and achieve killer results fast. These methods work because they are based on powerful psychology tactics that are proven to work time and again. Continue reading…

“Use Sexual Innuendos”. When you have developed some level of rapport with a woman and she seems to be fairly comfortable with you, then sprinkle some sexual innuendos in your conversations with her. For example, when she says that she spends about an hour in the shower every morning, then ask her, “I wonder what keeps you in there?” and give her a meaningful wink. Sometimes it works wonders if you just be direct. One of the students that I coach used this line on a woman – “I want to just rip your panties off and lick your vagina all night!” – and got laid 30 minutes later! I won’t, however, recommend this to anyone…

“Make Her Imagine Sexual Thoughts”. You can get a woman to think about dirty thoughts and turn her on by merely making suggestions to her. You DON’T want to tell her outright to imagine her having sex with you. Instead, just plant ideas in her mind by being indirect.

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