Language Learning in the Global World

Lisa R. Parker

Today we live in the world of communication and networking, where the flow of human and financial capital goes beyond the state borders. What does that mean for individual? Increasing opportunities and increasing challenges – that’s the answer. Among the increasing challenges I would, firstly, mention need for foreign languages knowledge. Today to be successful, to increase your employability and to enlarge your cultural capital you have to speak several languages. That’s the reality and it’s the must. Next question is what is the fastest and the most efficient way to acquire a new language? Follow me.

I would say that there is no one way how to learn foreign language fast and efficiently. Efficient language learning is a combination of various activities. Firstly, you have to be motivated – without motivation you cannot succeed in anything, especially learning the language where regularity and repetition is essential. Secondly, you need to have necessary tools and sources for your language training. You have to decide if you will join language learning program or you will relay on self-teaching materials. Third important component in acquiring the language is passive learning – you use the media to immerse in the language, to acquire the sound and tonality of the language you learn.

However you will not be successful in the learning the language if you don’t practice it. Note that practice should take place as often as possible. It is the case where the more you put in, the more you get out. Good news is that there are many possibilities to practice the language. You might find local polyglot society that organizes regular language training gatherings, maybe you have some acquaintance happy to talk with you in the language you wish to learn. If none of this is the case you still have a good chance to work on your language skills – there are plenty of language practice virtual communities and some of them provide their services for free.

Before joining a virtual community you should decide which one is the best for you. There are language and pen-pal communities that work within multiple-goal model (e.g. combine language practice with romantic aspirations) and communities that can be described as single goal oriented communities – they stick solely to the language practice. Such communities are orientated to the people who has a goal to practice the language and to get the maximum out of the time they spend online. In a single goal orientated virtual language communities one expects that the members have clearly professional aims and attitude; there is no mix with dating aspirations that could be troublesome aspect in some cases, especially if the language learner age is below 18 years. These virtual platforms welcome all people who wish to practice and improve their language skills in easy, welcoming atmosphere that at the same time is safe and unambiguous environment. Many parents will find this feature particularly relevant when thinking about how to help to their children to practice the foreign language and open them the gate to the global world.

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