Learning the Language Spanish the Right Way

Lisa R. Parker

Learning a language, Spanish included, can be very easy if you follow the right steps. The problem is — most people try to learn languages the absolute wrong way! They spend years of their time learning Spanish ineffectively, when with the right principals, they could spend only two months and have a solid mastery of the language. I am going to outline the best method of learning Spanish in this article.


The wrong way to learn the Spanish language — the way most people use — is through memorization of hundreds of words. This is how the public school system in the USA works. Students sit down and memorize hundreds of words, but rarely put them into practice. They spend two or three years learning these words, but leave their Spanish classes absolutely unable to even converse a tiny bit with any Latin American people.


When we were children, we learned language simply by immersing ourselves in the language and observing. If someone offered us an orange, we learned over time to associate the word “orange” with the actual fruit. We were FORCED to learn what that word meant. This is exactly how you need to learn Spanish now.

You will need some kind of formal education, preferably through computer software or audio learning, to build a base in Spanish quickly. Learn basic grammar, sentence structure, and a few important pieces of vocabulary. From there, simply IMMERSE yourself in the language.

Start off simple — read children’s books in Spanish, and watch Spanish cartoons. You will be confused at first, but will start to pick up on the meanings of words after just a week or two. Once you feel you have mastered these two, move on to reading Spanish newspapers. At the same time, find someone who speaks Spanish, and just talk to them as much as you can! This could be the waitress at your favorite restaurant, or it could be a loved one who knows Spanish.

If you just find ways to immerse yourself in the language, you will be able to pick it up in no time. I forced myself to think and speak in Spanish for two months and I ended up conversational in the language in that time. You don’t need to go as intense as I did, but as long as you immerse yourself, you will see results and FAST learning the language of Spanish!

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