Mirror and Astral Projection – Here is How to Do it

Lisa R. Parker

There is a long and storied relationship between using a mirror and astral projection for the purposes of inducing an OBE. Much of the folklore surrounding the symbolic nature of the crystal ball, and mirror gazing to visit the dead can be traced back to our earliest ancestors. Today, many people believe that simply by staring into a mirror for a protracted period of time will shake lose our ” etheric double” or the higher self, enabling this part of ourselves to leave the confines of the physical shell.

While a lot of this type of lore can be found in paranormal writings throughout written history, you will find more people experimenting with this sort of thing today, than you probably expect. Raymond Moody, the author of many popular books on the NDE phenomena ( near death experience) including the seminal “Life after Life” has written several recent books on using a psychomanteum, or elaborate mirror gazing room for visiting relatives in other astral or heavenly planes. While this may seem far out to you..lots of very distinguished people from all walks of life claim to have used rooms like this, or even simply the mirrors in their own homes to have similarly healing extraordinary experiences.

I personally have used mirror gazing, in combination with sound technology, to have a series of very profound astral projection experiences. For me, the mirror serves as an easy way to dis identify with my physical self, as the longer you stare at your reflection, the less you recognize it as the “real” you. It’s quite amazing stuff, but you certainly need to try it on your own, rather than listen, or read about other peoples experiences. It will be, quite eye opening if you give it a try, that much I guarantee!

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