Reverse Psychology and the Law of Attraction

Lisa R. Parker

Is it possible to just ‘fake it’ and act like you are applying the Law of Attraction? What do you think?

The Law of Attraction is a simple concept: whatever you focus on in your life, and however you feel about things, will send a vibration out to the Universe that the Universe will match in like vibrations and bring back to you what you have been focusing on. Sounds pretty easy, doesn’t it? Until you begin to apply it and you realize how the logical mind takes over and doesn’t want to focus on what you want. It wants to focus on the worst case scenario or the fear and worry of what you don’t have, but by focusing on the negative, the Universe brings negative back to you through the Law of Attraction. Is the Universe some mean entity that brings you negative? No, the Universe loves you and supports you in everything that you do and is on automatic when it comes to what it brings to you through vibration.

Whatever you vibrate out comes back to you in some form… always.

So the question is: if you are a negative person who is attempting to switch to the more positive side of life can you trick the LOA by using reverse psychology? Would it work like Tom Sawyer whitewashing the fence? Tom Sawyer didn’t want to paint the fence but he acted as if he loved it so all his friends wanted to join in painting the fence because Tom used reverse psychology. Could you pretend you love something and focus on it when in fact you really feel the lack of what you want? Could you trick the LOA into thinking you were focusing on the joy of the want? Absolutely not.

The Universe knows you better than you know yourself. When you act as if you are wealthy but don’t believe it will happen that is exactly what will come back into your life over and over again until you make the decision to change your thoughts and feelings on wealth. You have to change within in order for the Law of Attraction to work in your life the way that you want it to. The Law of Attraction is working all the time in your life. It just may not be exactly how you want it to work. You may be focusing on the lack of what you don’t have or the negative of your life and the Universe is bringing you what you are focusing on no matter what you think. There is no discrimination with the Universe. It is just answering your call that you are sending out.

Using reverse psychology will not further your efforts in the Law of Attraction. You have to work on yourself. The more honest work you do within, the more you will break down obstacles that seem to be in your way of getting what you desire. Tricking the Universe will only bring you more trickiness.

Dig deep within your own self, change those repetitive mental patterns that you don’t need anymore, and create new thoughts and feelings that will reflect the life that you want. You don’t have to use reverse psychology to get what you want. Just work on who you want to be and the Universe will match your vibration with the Law of Attraction.

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