Sergiy Klymchuk Takes "Money Puzzles" International

Lisa R. Parker

The author of the highly touted financial book “Money Puzzles: On Critical Thinking and Financial Literacy” has had such great success with it that he has moved it to many other countries. In a short period of time it has climbed toward the top of the ladder in regards to financial literacy.

Dr. Sergiy Klymchuk is an associate professor of the School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences at the Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand. With 27 years of experience teaching mathematics at University’s, he has certainly put together a book that people can use and relate to.

As oppose to many other professors who generate extremely technical mathematical and financial books, Dr. Klymchuk created a book that virtually anyone can use, enjoy, and benefit from. It was not his intention to come off as a genius and confuse everyone that reads it. Instead, his intentions were to put together a book that can educate people while providing entertainment at the same time.

While teaching in New Zealand primarily, he has also branched out to teach mathematics at various other University’s in different countries. Because of this, it is no surprise that he has taken his book outside of New Zealand and begun to publish it in other countries.

The book has taken off since its release and is having great success in each of the other 10 countries it has been published or is currently being published in aside from New Zealand. The 10 other countries include Singapore, USA, Germany, Greece, Mexico, Poland, Ukraine, India, China, and Korea.

While you can purchase the book online and have it delivered to your destination, an easier route is to purchase the e-book online and have instant access to it. This way you can get right to reading it and picking up tips and information and money and financial situations. “Money Puzzles” has certainly caught the attention of the public and has quickly risen to popularity.

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