Telephone Pet Psychic: Questions To Ask

Lisa R. Parker

Picking up the telephone and calling a pet psychic or “animal communicator” is often done on the spur of the moment when a pet becomes lost, sick, or deceased. A pet psychic reading can also be used for fun and entertainment. Either way, in order to gain the most information from a reading while spending the least amount of money, one should be educated in what is possible, and how to prepare for a reading.

Most pet psychics offer very similar services, it is mainly their communication techniques that differ. Some don’t offer a “missing pet” service. Even if my pet wasn’t lost, I’d personally prefer to contact one who does offer the missing pet service as several successful reviews would point to a genuinely caring, high quality psychic.

What can I ask a pet psychic?

Before calling, be sure to write down 15-20 specific questions and always jot down notes during the reading. Here are some of the most popular questions. Consider this list a primer, take the time to come up with questions of your own.

  • Is my pet is in any physical pain?
  • Where exactly is the pain?
  • What can I do to ease the pain?
  • When did the pain start, was it an accident? What happened? (can be very helpful for veterinarians)
  • Are the medications that my pet is taking causing other health issues?
  • Does my pet like it’s food?
  • Is my pet happy?
  • What was my pet’s life like before it came to me? This is a general question, be sure to ask for details during the discussion.
  • Why does(n’t) my pet ___________? (fill in the blank with behavioral issue)
  • From my pet’s perspective, what steps can be taken to change the behavior?
  • Is there anything specific that my pet especially likes or doesn’t like about its surroundings?
  • Is it OK with my pet if I throw out that nasty old blanket or toy?
  • Is my pet bored when nobody is at home?
  • Any suggestions for how life could be made more enjoyable/exciting for my pet?
  • Why does my pet not get along with another pet or person in the house?
  • My pet is dying, does it have any last wishes?
  • How can I make the final days more comfortable?
  • My pet has recently passed away, will you assist my pet in “crossing over”?
  • What does my pet wish that I’d do differently?
  • Does my pet see any health issues developing in me that could cause harm?
  • It is crucial that you are calm, focused and prepared for the pet psychic reading. Depending on the reason for the reading, many people are understandably frantic and stressed before they phone. Use whatever means that works for you to settle yourself. If you haven’t got a routine, I suggest taking a few minutes to sit in a quiet location, breathing deeply with your eyes closed before calling a psychic.

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