The Lotto Code Revealed

Lisa R. Parker

To win on the lotto would feel like you just received every Christmas present you could ever want. Regrettably, experiencing a lotto win is just for extremely lucky folks. You need to be lucky to win it…right? Well what if winning it wasn’t down to luck? What if it was feasible to win the lottery by using a proven plan. What if that plan had been used by others and what if tame plan always seems to succeed, would you be interested in it?

With the foundation of betting games and especially since the introduction of lottery draws, in an attempt to gain financial freedom and sometimes in an endeavour to just master the mathematics of it, there have been people who have attempted to fashion lottery formulas that could bring them a massive prize.

This has led to numerous lottery systems being developed. Some of them have been better than others!

Even though there are a few great formulas for raising your chances of winning a prize, such as wheeling lottery systems that raise your odds of winning a prize, nearly all of the systems invented have been worse than useless. Defective lottery methods can end up costing you more money than they ever win for you!

It’s viable, however, to find one or two systems that can produce very beneficial results and a number of winning tickets!

As discussed in an earlier paragraph, wheeling numbers is a perfect method to dramatically expand your odds of winning a prize on the lottery. Still, to be genuinely effectual this kind of lottery technique needs to be utilized by a large syndicate of players as the cost of playing each lottery game is increased due to the need to purchase more tickets!

Nevertheless, wheeling does establish a certain degree of “luck” in that you can apply arithmetic, and in particular the laws of probability, to greatly increase your odds of winning a huge share of big lotto prize funds.

It seems that mathematics can most certainly help you create better odds of winning and increase your chances by many thousands to one. So, the simple fact that mathematics can be utilised to win the lottery should mean you will not be surprised to learn that a maths professor has won the desired draw 3 times in a row and 5 times altogether.

Most members of a civilized society will agree that if anybody was going to crack the lottery secrets it had to be a mathematician. So Larry Blair, being a mathematics professor in Oklahoma, fits the bill, but really, how effective is his lottery strategy?

Believe it or not Mr. Blair has utilised his lottery technique to win a record 5 times. 3 of his wins were consecutive ones. One after the other.

If you think this is truly astounding then you will be even more amazed to discover that Larry is not the only person to have this type of extraordinary “Luck”.

Perhaps you would be interested in also learning his secrets and uncovering the lottery code for yourself.

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