The Psychology of Scrapbooking

Lisa R. Parker

With a loved one who is clinically ill or a volunteer at a children’s hospital, the feelings may become overwhelming. It is important for both the care giver and the care receiver to remain positive and keep busy. No matter the severity of their condition it could be the perfect time to remember the good times while making new loving memories they can carry with them. They key to this is to find something both interesting and entertaining-scrapbooking is perfect.

Here’s where the psychology starts to kick in, doing scrapbooking- or any hobby- creates a sense of transport. This transport to another place can distract from everyday routine and what may be going on. The concentration on something else is said to be as soothing and calming as meditation, deep breathing, and visual imagery. These crafts aren’t compatible with worry, anger, and sorrow. Concentrating on scrapbooking gives a much needed distraction from everyday pressures.

For both the care giver and care receiver scrapbooking provides a much needed sense of connection with each other. Scrapbooking rather than just dealing with the illness or simply visiting can help build a relationship that was not already there or strengthen one that was just over looked with all the stress. Taking the time to spend with each other gives incredible closure on both parts, sharing memories and seeing them as they once were.

This is a perfect opportunity for those suffering from dementia, recovering from a stroke, bed-bound or in a wheel chair to share and remember their loved ones in a way that can build memory strength and function and use of their hands. This is a memory and motor skill activity in disguise, with laughter and smiles. Since it is important to build these skills back up or to keep them strong, scrapbooking provides both.

Scrapbooking also a great opportunity to see the person as you have never seen them before. As you comb through the past, taking the time to share the stories behind each of the photos and mementos while scrapbooking, helps you remember them as they once were and remind them what they are fighting for. Take the opportunity to preserve your favorite memories of your loved ones, together you are creating an album your past to share with future generations.

So grab the paper, stamps, and glitter and get to making memories that will change the world for both of you! Preserve the love and tradition with scrapbooking, because at the end of the day that’s what matters.

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