View The Night Sky With A Celestron Telescope

Lisa R. Parker

Many are interested in the night sky and some even dream of exploring outer space. However, for most of us the closest we will ever get to seeing space up close is through a telescope. One of the best manufacturers of telescopes out there is Celestron. They have been producing telescopes since the 1950’s. They have a reputation for building quality telescopes, so much so that professional astronomers use them.

The basic Celestron models can be purchased for around $100, while the computer controlled, professional quality ones are sold for up to $2000. They offer a range of telescopes so you should be able to find one that is to your liking and fits your budget. You can view bright objects in the sky with a 500mm Celestron telescope that has a 80m lens.

FirstScope is an excellent model offered by Celestron. It’s not very expensive when compared to others, while still offering great viewing. This is an ideal scope for beginners. Users can look through it during the night or day. To help enhance stability, Celestron puts quality stands in their telescopes. Stability is especially important when viewing in windy conditions. Also, a glass optical comes standard in all telescopes.

Computerized Telescopes

The NexStar model is more technologically advanced model that gives users the ability to program a specific time for viewing a certain object. It also provides excellent views of the stars. The star pointer is a feature that will locate millions of stars to view. The telescopes in this line are priced around $400.

The higher end NexStar telescope model comes with even more features. The focal length of the NexStar8 SE variation is more than 2000 and gives users some of the best views possible. The setup is also made easier. All you have to do is enter all the objects you want to see into the computer and it will automatically take you there. The price range for telescopes in this line are between $600 and $1600. The pricing of each scope is based on features.

Regardless of skill level and knowledge, you can find a Celestron telescope that fits your criteria. All their telescopes represent quality, and users can look forward to years of excellent viewing. You simply can’t go wrong no matter which telescope you decide to buy. After starting off with a beginner scope, you can eventually progress toward the more advanced models as you become more educated.

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