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Lisa R. Parker

The teacher shortage has taken hold across the country and state leaders everywhere recognize the need for more great educators. Several states have made moves to assist people transitioning into the teaching field. One example is the use of WIOA funding for teachers.

What is WIOA Funding?

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) has been law since 2014. WIOA funding aims to help job seekers access education and training, employment, and the support services to succeed. States offer WIOA funding to qualifying locals so they can pursue employment without allowing cost to be prohibitive factor. To qualify, locals wanting to use WIOA funding must be at least 18, and priority of funds is typically given to Veterans and low-income folks.

American Board strives to offer the lowest cost teacher certification program around. At less than $2,000, the program is significantly cheaper than any university program. But we recognize not everyone can afford that enrollment fee. That’s why we offer a payment plan, reduced enrollment, and enrollment through WIOA.

WIOA Funding for Teachers with American Board

Using WIOA funding to cover the cost of American Board’s teacher certification program is easy. First, you should contact your local WIOA office to see if you qualify. Each WIOA office is able to set its own process so you’ll need to contact the office directly to learn more. One thing to note is that the approval process can take a while, so it’s important you get started as soon as possible.

Currently, American Board partners with WIOA / Job Centers in Idaho, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin. In these states, it’s safe to assume your local WIOA office will provide funding for teacher training. However, it’s also possible other states have offices that allow WIOA funding to go to teachers—you just have to ask your office to find out.

With WIOA and American Board, you don’t need to worry about covering certification costs up front and waiting for reimbursement. Instead, you’ll contact our enrollment team once you receive WIOA approval and they’ll work directly with your case manager to ensure your enrollment is a success. You’ll have free access to American Board’s teacher certification program as we wait to process your WIOA funded enrollment.

Start Today

If you think you qualify to use WIOA funding, reach out to your local office today! It’s a great resource to help low-income folks transition to a great a stable career. Simultaneously, you should let your local school know you’ll be getting certified and ready to teach soon. This way, you can have a job lined up as you complete certification. More than 15,000 teachers have launched their careers with American Board. We hope you’ll join our strong alumni!

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