3 Of the Top Resources for Getting Government Money

Lisa R. Parker

There are many advertisements online and in newspapers today offering people free government money. It is important that you be able to tell which ones are scams and which ones can truly help you in a financial crisis. It is possible to get free money from the government, but you must know the most effective resources that will give you the truth behind obtaining this money.

Getting government money for your financial situation depends on the reason you wish to acquire the money. Government grants are available for a long list of agencies. They can help you through any financial situation. Some of the most common reasons to seek a government grant include education, disaster relief, housing, transportation, and community development. You need a good reason to need the money before the government will be willing to hand over some cash.


The Internet is by far the best resource for getting money from the government. Grants.gov is a top source for information on how to receive money from the government for a number of needs. There are over one thousand programs available through which you can receive money, and the list is available on this website. You can choose the category that you are seeking cash for, and you will be given a long list of agencies that can assist you. You can apply for many of the grants straight from this site, making it easy for you to request money online.


This website deals more with money needed for personal assistance. You can begin by taking a short survey. This will allow you to receive a list of programs that will best help you get the money you need. You can also browse agencies that can help by state. This may help you uncover additional programs that are not offered on federal websites. Category and agency searches are also available if you know exactly what you are looking for.


If you are looking for government assistance to help pay for tuition or student debt, you will want to complete a FAFSA. This online application uses personal and tax information to determine the need you have for financial aid from the government. The program will take the information you have submitted and find any state and federal programs that can assist you. The amount of help you can get from filling out the FAFSA will typically be determined by the number of programs offered in your state.

These are just three places you can turn to get help for a financial predicament. There are a number of programs available to help you if you know where to turn. The first two will help you with a number of different situations, while the last option will enable you to return to college or complete your degree.

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