Analysts hail government’s serious commitment towards improving health and education sectors

Lisa R. Parker

Analysts hail government’s serious commitment towards improving health and education sectors

Ali Muhammad Khan (Leader PTI): The incumbent government is taking concrete measures to support marginalized segments of the society. Development of underprivileged areas is among the top priorities of the PTI-led government. The institutional reforms that took place in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa can be replicated in Punjab and other parts of the country. It is the vision of PTI to give equal opportunities to all provinces. Result of the coming elections will be purely based on the performance. The opposition must refrain from playing dirty political games. The government is not afraid of the opposition’s cheap tactics. The opposition has been badly exposed due to its ambiguous agenda. 

Dr. Salman Shah (Advisor to Punjab Government): Development of youth is imperative for development of the whole nation. Health infrastructure needs to be strengthened to provide in time medical assistance to the maximum number of people all across the country. The youth needs to be trained to compete in the global market. Human resource is the basic resource of Pakistan. We need to spend more on education, but at the same time it must be in line with the skills required to uphold the economy. Our education system must produce the right kind of people for fulfilling assignments according to international standards. In our schools, we need to focus on science and mathematics and give equal opportunities to all the students. The incumbent government is investing in the betterment of people.

Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Asif Yasin Malik (Former Secretary Defense): The global human rights organizations have failed to resolve the issue of Kashmir in accordance with the UN resolutions. Pakistan has pursued an effective foreign policy to highlight the Kashmir issue at every international forum. Despite all the efforts of Pakistan, the international community has not yet taken any practical step to hold India accountable for committing atrocities in IIOJK. We should strengthen our lobby at international level. A pressure group consisting of powerful Muslim countries should make collective efforts to support the people of Kashmir and exert pressure on India to stop committing brutalities in IIOJK. Human rights violation in IIOJK is a grave phenomenon and should not be overlooked for economic and strategic interests.

Brig. (Retd.) Said Nazir (Defense Analyst): The BJP-led Indian government has crossed all limits of atrocities in IIOJK to suppress the indigenous freedom movement of Kashmiris. The actual number of the victims of Indian brutalities is much higher than the recorded one. Modi has unleashed killings of Kashmiri people to implement its hegemonic agenda. Unfortunately, the world powers have turned a blind eye towards Indian brutalities for their economic and strategic interests. The world powers have double standards. Pakistan is committed to support the brave people of Kashmir in their legit fight for the freedom of Kashmir. India is committing state terrorism and pursuing the agenda of RSS.

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