Auto Friction: The Science of Likely Rapid | Science project

Lisa R. Parker
  • Radio-controlled toy auto
  • &#13

  • Sandpaper
  • &#13

  • Gravel
  • &#13

  • Concrete
  • &#13

  • Paper
  • &#13

  • Pencil
  • &#13

  • Notepad
  • &#13

  • Measuring tape
  • &#13

  • Stopwatch
  • &#13

  • Masking tape
  • &#13

  • Helper
  • &#13

  1. Use your measuring tape to evaluate out a “race track” that is at the very least 5 toes prolonged and two toes vast. The monitor can be both indoor or outdoor — just make absolutely sure the spot is flat and dry. Ideally this region ought to be on concrete.
  2. &#13

  3. Stick pieces of tape at the commencing and conclusion of your keep track of to variety a very clear start and end line.
  4. &#13

  5. Spot your toy car at the starting off line.
  6. &#13

  7. Glimpse at the 3 distinctive surfaces you will test: the concrete, sandpaper and gravel. Rub your finger from each one particular. Which a single is the smoothest? Which a person is the roughest? Can you really feel any friction in between your finger and the distinctive surfaces?
  8. &#13

  9. Trying to keep friction in mind, which floor do you believe will make the speediest race time? Generate down your speculation, or guess, in your notebook.
  10. &#13

  11. Have your helper put together the stopwatch and depend you down from three. When she reaches one particular, she really should commence the stopwatch and you ought to use the distant handle to race your auto to the finish line.
  12. &#13

  13. Have your helper prevent the stopwatch as soon as the auto speeds throughout the finish line.
  14. &#13

  15. Record the time in your notebook.
  16. &#13

  17. Now lay sandpaper on your keep track of.
  18. &#13

  19. Spot the toy automobile at the starting up line.
  20. &#13

  21. Generate the automobile by the keep track of with your helper timing the race again.
  22. &#13

  23. Document the time in your notebook.
  24. &#13

  25. Choose out the sandpaper and fill the observe with gravel.
  26. &#13

  27. It really is time for the previous race! Use the distant handle to push the motor vehicle over the bumpy gravel monitor although your helper occasions the race.
  28. &#13

  29. File the time in your notebook.
  30. &#13

  31. Review the unique race occasions. What are your conclusions?
  32. &#13

The automobile will shift the swiftest on the clean tile, and a great deal slower on the sandpaper and gravel surfaces.

A car’s speed is often identified by the friction among its wheels and the road. When you drove your toy motor vehicle more than the easy tile, the wheels ended up achieved with small resistance. Try out sweeping your finger in opposition to the tile –is it fulfilled with any resistance, anything at all that someway stops it from moving forward? Now consider sweeping your finger from the gravel. See the distinction?

As the car’s wheels hit the rough gravel and sandpaper surfaces, they are satisfied with this exact form of friction. You could in all probability have guessed by now that true race auto motorists would instead drive on a smooth surface area than a gravel or sandpaper one particular.

What other techniques can you experiment with car friction? You can set up a “friction obstacle course” and see which one of your friends can push the vehicle the swiftest in excess of all the tricky surfaces. Consider employing bumpy surfaces or even grime from your yard. Guessing and screening is a massive portion of being a scientist — primarily for those people finding out the science of heading speedy!

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