Celebrity Ghost Stories – Lynsey De Paul

Lisa R. Parker

Lynsey De Paul was a popular blonde female singer back in the seventies. She is most remembered for her huge 1972 hit, Sugar Me, and also for teaming up with songwriter Mike Moran for the 1977 UK Eurovision Song Contest entry, Rock Bottom. It was during this time that Lynsey had a very strange experience whilst recording Rock Bottom in the studio.

It was just after 3 a.m., and Lynsey was in the studio with her manager, Mike Moran, and a sound engineer. They suddenly heard a crackling noise – a “white noise” – like interference or static on a radio. The noise grew louder, forcing Lynsey to remove her headphones. The engineer could not explain this strange noise, as he checked the equipment thoroughly and found nothing wrong with it. Then a large triangle of white light suddenly appeared in the middle of the room. Lynsey felt a huge pressure bearing down on her whole body, as if somebody had placed a gigantic hand on her. This strange sensation frightened her so much that she actually burst into tears.

When the light finally disappeared, Lynsey regained her composure and asked if there was a ghost there. The engineer told her that strange things had occurred in the men’s toilets at the studios. People said that they’d been poked in the back when using the loo, although there was nobody behind them. When Lynsey told Michael Bentine, an expert in the paranormal, about her experience, he told her that the white light was just a friendly manifestation of energy, dating back to the time of the Druids.

But this wasn’t the first paranormal experience that Lynsey had. When she moved into a Gothic mansion – a residence that looked like the typical haunted house – near London’s notorious Highgate Cemetery, she witnessed yet more supernatural occurrences: doors in the servants’ quarters opened and closed of their own accord, a stained glass window and a heavy mirror fell to the ground, bits of electrical flex burst into flames, and Lynsey’s keys would mysteriously go missing and turn up in places like the freezer.

Lynsey herself, however, does not deem whatever force was behind all this to be evil or malevolent, for she thinks that it’s people themselves who interpret such paranormal activity as either a good or a bad force.

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