COVID, the Structure and sluggish learners

Lisa R. Parker

At times, the universe tries to teach sluggish learners a lesson.

They rarely get it.

Indiana Home Speaker Todd Huston, R-Fishers, just declared that he analyzed beneficial for COVID-19. His analysis casts in question, the moment once again, whether the Indiana Standard Assembly’s 2021 legislative session will start out as scheduled on Jan. 4 — and how it may be performed when it does start off.

Huston’s information arrived down all over the identical time that the country figured out that the elevated speaker of New Hampshire’s Residence of Associates, Dick Hinch, experienced died of COVID.

Hinch, a Republican, had spoken just one particular 7 days in advance of about how thrilled he was to presume the speakership. He fought tears as he explained to his colleagues he was “humbled” by their belief and guidance.

He was 71.

His death prompted Democrats to connect with for stricter wellness and basic safety standards. And various of Hinch’s fellow Republicans chastised associates of their individual celebration for exposing the late speaker to the coronavirus by refusing to put on masks and notice social distance.

Handful of have been more brutal — much more eviscerating even — in their criticisms of the anti-mask crowd than New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu, a Republican and a staunch conservative.

“For individuals who are just out there carrying out the reverse just to make some preposterous political place, it is horribly incorrect,” Sununu mentioned. “Please use your heads. Don’t act like a bunch of kids, frankly.”


Right here in Indiana, the exact deadly sickness that killed Hinch now threatens his Hoosier counterpart. Huston is not alone in battling the coronavirus.

It took about 7 months for the 1st 5,000 Hoosiers to die from COVID-19. It took just a several additional days for the condition to achieve the tragic milestone of 6,000 useless — and the quantity climbs everyday at a continual and increasing clip.

By some actions, Indiana now is the state most afflicted by the coronavirus. The disease rages across the Hoosier landscape, hanging communities rural, suburban and city. As it does, it leaves useless citizens and neighbors at the rear of, along with family members and good friends who grieve for them.

Gov. Eric Holcomb has responded to the promptly escalating risk by extending the period of time in which Indiana is in a condition of public unexpected emergency and buying that all non-necessary surgical procedures be postponed until finally the COVID quantities have abated.

Holcomb’s reaction to this disaster — delicate and cautious as it is — has prompted a little but vocal minority to phone him a “tyrant,” among the other conditions of endearment.

Holcomb’s critics like to existing on their own as constitutional purists. They say theirs is a sacred duty to protect this nation’s founding constitution. Federal government doesn’t have the appropriate to tell them they have to don masks, even when life are at stake.

What complete nonsense.

If they experienced read through the Constitution, they would discover not much into what is known as the standard welfare clause. Short article I, Segment 8, Clause 1 says, “The Congress shall have Electrical power To lay and accumulate Taxes, Obligations, Imposts and Excises, to shell out the Money owed and present for the frequent Defence and general Welfare of the United States.”

A minor further down, in Write-up 1, Portion 8, Clause 18, they would encounter the vital and suitable clause — also identified as the elastic clause. It claims that Congress has the power “to make all Legislation which shall be needed and correct for carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers, and all other Powers vested by this Structure in the Government of the United States, or any Department or Officer thereof.”

All those are sweeping statements.

If the founders of this country meant to hamstring authorities so that it — and federal government right here indicates us, mainly because we live in a self-governing culture — could not meet up with threats to the common welfare these types of as the coronavirus, they had a amusing way of showing it.

The fact is that the anti-mask crowd’s opposition to public safety measures is about as ideologically driven and principled as a preschool child’s temper tantrum.

While people today die, they want to retain taking part in online games.

New Hampshire’s conservative Republican governor is right. They need to stop acting like children.

But they will not.

Sluggish learners stick to their guns even when the universe tries to instruct them a lesson.

That is what helps make them slow learners.

John Krull is director of Franklin College’s Pulliam College of Journalism and publisher of, a news web-site driven by Franklin Higher education journalism students. Send remarks to [email protected].

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