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Lisa R. Parker

When I was in fourth grade, our class misbehaved for a substitute teacher. When our standard trainer returned and go through the report, she was fewer than pleased. We were all assigned to expend a pair of recesses copying web pages out of the dictionary by hand.


For most men and women, this was regarded as the meanest punishment at any time. But not for me. I’m fairly certain I complained along with anyone else, but secretly, I was not that bothered. Guaranteed, it wasn’t approximately as exciting as recess, but it was significantly far better than sitting down inside of executing certainly practically nothing.


I was a voracious reader and I essentially preferred studying new words and phrases, pronunciations and definitions. I frequently looked them up on my own. That assignment could even have been when I learned that I had been mispronouncing potpourri in my head for yrs. Definitions were uncomplicated — or so I assumed.


Defining people is not simple at all. Nor should really it be. When asked to describe myself, I often stumble. I’m built up of so many extra matters than my gender, ethnicity, occupation, age, etcetera. Not only that but who I am variations every working day as I study and expertise new things, acquire on various roles and face new challenges. What may possibly define me these days may not be correct tomorrow. That’s the splendor of men and women — no single definition can potentially go over us all.


There is also no one definition of a Spartan. Certain, if you look it up in the dictionary, you will find a thing about it relating to Sparta and ancient Greece. But the sorts of Spartans we are is significantly far more advanced. There are just about fifty percent a million of us residing all around the globe and though we share commonalities that go together with currently being Spartans — factors like dedication, smarts, openness, collaborative spirits and boldness — we are also extra various than you can imagine. How great is that?


A handful of yrs back, we painted The Rock and questioned passing learners to publish a phrase on it that outlined them. As expected, pretty much no one chose the same term.


Our discrepancies convey electrical power, point of view, backgrounds, techniques, expertise and a lot more to the work we do each individual working day to modify the entire world for the better. Our uniqueness put together can make up an incredible drive of Spartans Will. It enables us to collaborate with the tech big Apple, goal cardiovascular disease, safeguard the surroundings, expose cosmic mysteries, fight drug trafficking and additional.


Which is yet another thing that is not very easily defined — Spartans Will. You could talk to countless numbers of people what it indicates to them, and you will get countless numbers of distinctive answers. We did not talk to thousands, but we did request some magnificent Spartans recently what the phrase usually means to them. Once more, no just one definition was stated, but numerous. Check out the online video, Spartans Will. Defined, to see what they mentioned and experience motivated.


The college students, school and alumni who are showcased in the online video had been component of the Unheard of will for uncommon periods tale we did before this yr. They also did individual items speaking about how they are handling throughout the pandemic.


Joan Rose is a h2o microbiologist and the Homer Nowlin Chair in Water Study. She spoke about how she and her staff are sampling wastewater to detect achievable spikes that could forecast COVID-19 outbreaks in the campus group. Observe her online video, Holding the campus local community secure, to discover about the challenge.


Brandon Crawford is a senior majoring in marketing management and a member of the 2020 Homecoming Court who is on the lookout towards brighter times ahead. Enjoy his video, Being connected while apart, to discover what he does each and every working day to just take care of other college students.


As we glance toward the yearly MLK Day celebration this Monday, (which will be digital but just as inspiring) I am reminded of what he claimed, “An particular person has not begun dwelling until he can rise above the slender confines of his individualistic fears to the broader fears of all humanity.”


I see Spartans living each individual day. Each and every day they set aside their personalized problems, convey their differences to the table and work with each other to make the globe a much better place for all. Spartans Will.


Lisa Mulcrone 
Editor, MSUToday

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