Employing a Learning Management System to Deliver Online Education Easily

Lisa R. Parker

The Learning Management System is an e-management system, which manages e-courses imparted to the online learners. The basic idea is to educate and train students who come from diverse fields. There are many online learning courses offered, which educate people about safer and better working environment. LMS is a software package that provides a reliable platform for delivering of e-packages to the online learners around the world.

The LMS offers a multitude of advantages to the users, which makes their access to online courses, quite easy.

o The courses are completely managed online, hence it possible for every one to enroll.
o People are not bound by the time and distance and can easily access the on line courses of their choice from their own computer.
o The courses are tailored made to the needs of particular industry and LMS play a critical role by ensuring that all the relevant information is updated on regular intervals and brought to the knowledge of the students.
o The online courses pertaining to Joint Commission, HIPAA, OSHO and Red Flag are smoothly managed and can be easily updated on a regular basis. This is a great feature that protects the organization from legal lawsuits due to non conformance on the part of employee due to lack of proper knowledge.

Ensures Compliance and transparency

The system keeps tracks of the students’ performances and displays the result online and gives the user a good understanding of the learning path that they have to undertake. They can review their progress at regular intervals. This helps the users to check, where they stand during different phases of the e-course. Learning Management System is a great boon for the organizations as it has a tracking system that quickly points to the non conformance of standards and reduces considerably, the risks of legal actions, due to lapse on the part of the employees or employers. The system provides regular updates and ensures that the organization and its people stay abreast when it comes to following the requisite laws and regulations that are enforced by government regulatory authorities. It also provides greater transparency by to the user by allowing them to:

o Set a predetermined course completion date that suits them
o Update themselves on their progress
o Know exactly how many people have completed the course at any given time.
o Allows them to view their results online

LMS in Safety and Healthcare Applications

The Learning Management System allows for better management of OSHA courses, which train workers about occupational safety standards employed in the workplace. There are various courses on protection from various hazards that workers face at work site.

Joint Commission courses for hospital accreditation are available, so that learners can enhance their knowledge about the requisite standards. The aim is to make employees aware about the norms that will help them greatly to increase the quality of patient care.

LMS in Security applications

The e-courses in HIPAA are well managed through Learning Management System. The course is about how to prevent identity theft and protect patient health information, and in process prevent health insurance frauds.

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