Get Him Back – Push Him Over the Edge With Male Psychology

Lisa R. Parker

Are you worried that your ex will never come back to you and you will never be able to get him back? Do you miss him and wish that you knew what to do to get him to change his mind? Do you dream of being held by him again and wish that this whole nightmare was over with and that he would just show up at your door and say that he wanted to try again? What if I told you that you could not just get him back but have him begging you for another chance?

If you feel that things are beyond hope and that he might never come back either because he has told you that he will never change his mind or he is seeing someone else, you might want to think about using male psychology to get him back. Knowing exactly what to say and what to do to get your ex to change his mind by using psychological techniques that play off of his emotions can be the quickest and easiest way to get him back.

Although most guys won’t admit to being ruled by their heart or that they can be moved by emotions, the simple fact is that they can. Where they differ from women is that a man’s emotional hot buttons are buried under layers of masculinity and they are actually more a part of the instinctual part of their brain than in women. The things that actually make a man react are different in nature and substance but the reaction can be very similar to what can be seen in a woman in outcome. This is why methods that might work to cause a woman to change her mind about a relationship will fail on your ex.

No matter how logical or level headed your ex might appear to be there are things that you can say and do that will speak to that part of his brain that can bring him around. Keep in mind that no amount of taking, discussing, promising to change or being nice to him is going to bring about the change that you wish to see in him. As a matter of fact, such tactics will be a huge turn off for him and cause him to grow to resent and loathe hearing from you.

On the other hand, once you understand what to say and what to do to bring out the emotions in your ex that will make him think about you, dream about you, desire you, want you, need you and basically forget about the past and just want to get back together with you then the change will be dramatic. Guys who have been messed with in this way typically react in a way that can only be described as remarkable.

Can you imagine your ex showing up at your door with tears in his eyes, his head bowed and feeling as if he has had his heart ripped from his chest? The devastation in his eyes as you tell him that you’ll have to think about taking him back may make you want to take him back right on the spot but the pain that you’ve gone through since your breakup makes you leave him twisting in the wind for just a little bit longer. His words of love and devotion will be the only thing you hear coming from his mouth and his promises to never leave you again will be music to your ears. You will have the control in the relationship and you will be the one calling the shots from here on out.

If you doubt or wonder if male psychology really can be used to get your ex back think of it this way… what do you have to lose? All the traditional methods to get your ex back that are touted by so called experts are only a setup to make you appear weak and needy. What is going to give him the motivation to actually want to come back to you and work on your relationship? Without a burning desire to be with you there is no sense in even talking about getting back together. Give him that burning desire and you will find it quite easy to get him back and make him fall in love with you again. And the only way to do that is to appeal to him emotionally using male psychology.

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