Perfecting Cosmetic Medical Treatments During Medical School Can Create Long Term Benefits 10 Fold

Lisa R. Parker

Medical school students have bright futures. Doctors are always in demand and, over the course of their lives, will help many people and make a good living while doing so. Of course, medical school is extremely expensive, and student loans can create a crushing burden. Medical students can start helping themselves before graduation if they train to become experts at cosmetic procedures.

Future M.D.’s who learn these procedures do themselves and cosmetic patients a great service. Administering these treatments is quite lucrative and makes excellent part-time work for students. Cosmetic clinics need knowledgeable staff, and the patients for these treatments are comfortable with medical students. The arrangement works well for everyone involved.

While perfecting cosmetic treatments, future doctors may well be asked to help patients with who are having treatments such as permanent wrinkle reduction. One popular wrinkle corrector is Artefill, which is a long lasting dermal filler offering either permanent or almost permanent results. It’s commonly used in the “smile lines,” of the face but is highly effective all over the face and neck if needed. Artefill plumps up that area, smoothing the creases that add an aged look to the face. Since this area is the one most women complain about, there is a great need for trained professionals to administer these fillers.

Medical students who pursue this line of part-time work not only ease the tremendous financial burdens they face but also add to their skill set. Becoming an expert in this area helps them earn money in the short term, but they can also continue the practice once they become M.D.’s. This has proven to be very helpful in the long run.

Future doctors also need to learn how to communicate well with patients. Learning to administer Artefill permanent filler allows students to interact with patients and learn to develop a rapport with those they treat. This skill will be invaluable to them in their careers as doctors. Having what used to be known as a good “bedside manner” is often the difference between being a successful doctor and being an unsuccessful one. Communication skills are vitally important. Typically when suggestions are made to doctors who partake in clinical studies, the doctors tend to assume patients know more than they do. Thus, not providing the complete explanation patients are looking for.

The demand for these long lasting dermal fillers is continuing to grow. More and more men and women want these treatments and are willing to pay for them. Physicians with experience in these procedures will have the means to continually supplement their income, ensuring their financial health and ability to repay their medical school loans. Doctors with a wide variety of skills are much more likely to be successful.

Medical students who want to earn a solid part-time income while still attending medical school should seriously consider delivering cosmetic treatments, such as wrinkle reduction in cosmetic clinics. Their skills and knowledge will be appreciated there, and they will learn techniques that will aid them throughout all the years of their medical practice. Students who learn to inject Artefill long lasting dermal filler help their patients’ self-esteem and their own financial situation. Future doctors should seriously consider becoming adept at these cosmetic procedures for their current and future benefit.

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