No, lockdowns are not unescapable… nor the only or even the greatest answer to control the Covid-19 pandemic!

Lisa R. Parker

Bi-weekly gargle tests : a tested alternate to lockdown !

Inside of our company, we examination employees two times a week for SARS-CoV-2 : on Monday and Thursday. Considering that we set up these standard checks on September 21, 2020, 5 contaminated folks have been spotted (two of them have been beginning to demonstrate signs, the other 3 have been continue to asymptomatic). This authorized us to promptly quarantine them, notify “get in touch with circumstances” among the colleagues and test them day-to-day for the subsequent 5 times. None of them ended up contaminated by the infected employees. In addition, the quarantined man or woman was also tested regularly and returned to perform as before long as he/she was no lengthier infectious (following comprehensive recovery from the consequences of the sickness, of program).

On the Vienna Biocenter campus (, no considerably less than 1,000 folks are tested in this way (not counting educational institutions) by the VBCF (i.e. approximately 6,000 samples for each week). We have not seen any clusters on the site in 3 months! I do not have the official figures for the number of contaminated people today who have been recognized then quarantined, but I think that they will be unveiled quickly by one particular of the analysis laboratories that are also collaborating in this program.

Aside from the scientific conclusions that I will not draw here, this demonstrates that bi-weekly checks offer tested benefits:

  • peace of brain and protection for all people (in the team tested),
  • speedy quarantine of contaminated persons so keeping away from the distribute of the virus and the possibility of contamination of kinfolk and colleagues,
  • continuity of specialist and financial exercise.

3 circumstances are demanded for this to get the job done:

  • samples selection will have to be uncomplicated, quickly and painless.
  • all staff members or members of a provided team should participate (on a voluntarily basis).
  • outcomes must be delivered inside of 24 hours.

The key to achievement: self-sampling by gargling

At this time, samples are gathered by means of nasopharyngeal swabs. Beside the passionate aspect of this terminology but also of the act by itself, this invasive sample assortment is occasionally incredibly unpleasant for some persons and often involves to be performed by skilled personalized with protection equipment. This logistical part is an obstacle to mass testing and was the induce of the failure of mass exams carried out in selected nations around the world these as Slovakia for instance * (on the top of the point that a solitary check is certainly useless if it is not repeated a lot of periods at standard intervals of a few days).

On our campus, we use gargle samples …

Each individual personnel receives a assortment tube, a vial of physiological saline remedy (in straightforward text: salted water built of 9 g of kitchen area salt for each liter of h2o) and a pipette or a straw (picture underneath). Each individual early morning, before taking in, the human being performs a one-moment gargle with a sip of saline option and then spits instantly into the tube (or into a glass and use the pipette or the straw). He/she then locations the tube on a rack at the entrance of the organization. We then bring it to the laboratory at the finish of the early morning for the samples to be analyzed. It can’t be simpler and calls for completely no inadequate and unmanageable logistics!

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No, it’s never as well late to set this in put!

The pandemic will possibly very last for a lot of months and the vaccination will not be ample for various reasons:

  1. the time to vaccinate a major portion of the populace
  2. adherence to vaccination by the population will only be partial
  3. security by vaccination could not be enough and could supply a absolutely spurious and for that reason counterproductive sense of security (e.g. if a vaccinated individual is infected with a variant and no more time can take the required safeguards to stay away from contaminating the many others).

Permit me clarify this previous point. We do not still have plenty of point of view on the extent of protection conferred by vaccines out there now or shortly:

  • what is the period of the immunity conferred and against which variants?
  • does this immunity avert infection and contagion (by new variants)?
  • does this immunity prevent illness and its signs and symptoms only (but do not stop an infection and contagion)?
  • does the vaccine stop critical kinds of infection demanding hospitalization (or only the mildest symptoms)?

Is this method applicable to a total state inhabitants ?

Yes… while not right away !

The limitation to day was related to the risk of undertaking a significant range of checks at once. New remedies are now available on the marketplace, in particular these primarily based on future era sequencing that not only offer a extremely-superior-throughput (up to 73,000 assessments / day / instrument) but will also present the chance of right pinpointing variants!

Regrettably, most diagnostic laboratories are not but geared up with this engineering and thus want to use standard RT-PCR, which will work effectively for them, relatively than to devote and urgently put into practice a new technology.

Then, nationwide semi-non-public investigation platforms / laboratories shall be established up in buy to carry out bi-weekly mass checks in NGS. These laboratories would even now be beneficial in the event of a new pandemic in the upcoming.

There is no shortage of money, but it usually takes a robust political will, popular sense and a authentic eyesight for the future!

Two photos to comprehend why and how bi-weekly exams do the job (referred to as “mass testing” on the infographic) :

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No alt text provided for this image
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