Online Project Management Courses

Lisa R. Parker

Online project management courses are very becoming popular nowadays. Mainly the course focuses on the planning, organization and utilization of many resources. It also gives emphasis on the use of project management tools to make these projects become successful.

Because there are an array of complex projects proposed, these tools are being use to achieve the desired goals of these projects about its basic constraints like scope, time and budget. These three are very important in a project and any project managers should research well regarding these so that they would be able to set attainable goals and objectives.

Project management has been very helpful in many fields of education and work like engineering, construction, defense activities and many others. In 1950s, the public became aware of it with the pioneer works of Frederick Winslow Taylor. The other pioneer of project management techniques are the famous, Henry Grantt and Henri Fayol.

There are tools that you can make use in online project management courses that are helpful. You can use some of them for simple and smaller projects and some suitable for larger and more complex projects. You just need to choose and use them systematically.

You can actually use a grantt chart, named after Henry Grantt. It includes the schedule of a project that uses bars, and this indicates the important dates like the start and end of the project. Grantt charts are easy to understand because they use work breakdown structure. Grantt charts are best when doing small projects but they can sometimes be not of great use for larger projects.

Another tool that you can maximize is the PERT chart. The meaning of PERT Chart is Program Evaluation and Review Technique. In this tool, you are going analyze and assess the tasks and periods that are important to the project. The focal point is to find out the minimum time for the completion of an individual project. This also focuses on sequentially performing parts of a project. Moreover, another is performing a project in parallel with other projects. These two strategies can make a network so it reduces time and cost to complete a project. In the 1950s, the U.S. Navy has used it for the Polaris Project.

The last is the Logic Network. This shows the succession or progress of the project. This is important in keying how the project grows. This is a basic tool for controlling, monitoring, and lastly distributing resources has direct relation to time. This is a good tool because all activities that relatively sure of being successful are indicated so that the project would be feasibly completed.

As of the present, there are so many tools available to ensure the realization of the project. One should need to be vigilant in using the tools to have the desired outcome for his project. These tools will help you contract the focus of your project, and they will help you to achieve your desired goals and achievements in a given time with justifiable amount of money spent.

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