Psychic Source Review: 5 Reasons Why Telephone Psychic Readings ROCK

Lisa R. Parker

What are psychic readings by phone really like? Is the image of the late night “infomercial” psychic accurate….or is that just a bad stereotype we’d ALL like to forget? Are networks like Psychic Source as accurate as they promise, or do all readers just make good guesses and hope for the best?

And why would ANYONE want to call a psychic on the phone, when you could go and see someone one on one and presumably get a better reading to boot? In this article we take a quick and easy look at why CALLING a psychic is much better most of the time, and why Psychic Source may be a good avenue to explore if you are curious, but NOT convinced.

First… the best reasons to call a psychic, rather than go in and visit face to face?

Easy. There are A LOT of them, but for me, after 15 years of psychic research both personally and professionally, the BIGGEST one is credibility.

Quite simply, the information that comes through during a phone reading is far more credible, than hearing the same thing sitting with someone face to face.

Sound counter intuitive?

It did to me at first as well. But the truth is, when you sit with a psychic, there are all kinds of normal, or “non-psychic” ways they can pick up on information and tell you things that sound impressive, but really aren’t. Your appearance, your speech, your age, your size, your car, your body language, your facial expressions, and even your anxiety level during the reading can often reveal all sorts of things that you THINK are “private” that in truth, are easy to “cold read” face to face.

On the phone, most of this, if not all of it, is eliminated. Therefore, the very same “hits” have a much greater import, and are far more impressive as a result. Period.

What about Psychic Source? What are the advantages of using a popular psychic network for your reading?

I’ll share with you the 5 biggest reasons.


Psychic Source readings are about 75% less than what you’d pay for a real, legitimate psychic or medium in your own community.


You don’t need to leave your home, and can make an appointment around your schedule


Phone psychic readings are far more comfortable, and feel far less confrontational than readings done face to face. You can end a phone reading whenever you want, and I find it’s easier to speak up and be assertive on the phone…..rather than sitting in a strange place, with a strange person you don’t’ really know!


Psychic Source has over 125 unique psychics to select from, all of whom are uniquely qualified based on very strict hiring criteria. (my understanding is that less than 6 out of every 100 professional psychics who apply pass) The truth is, the more choice you have when picking a reader, the more likely it is that you’re going to find someone you really like.

Customer Service.

If you aren’t happy with your reading, you get your money back. End of story. You have access to a professional team of customer service support staff whose job it is to make YOU happy with your reading, and your experience. This is something that you obviously are not going to get in the offline world… as most of us will chalk it up to a bad experience and move on. With Psychic Source, if you aren’t happy, you simply call in, and they’ll credit your account, or give you a free replacement reading… or simply give you a cash refund.

I’ve yet to see that in the real world, and it’s one of the biggest advantages of using a service, over an individual intuitive.

At the end of the day, phone psychic readings are also a ton of fun, too. They can be great inexpensive entertainment, enlightening, inspiring and just a great way for the curious but NOT convinced to experience a personal psychic reading. That’s how I got my start many years back… and it’s still something I regularly enjoy today.

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