Psychic Witches

Lisa R. Parker

Witches are those people who dabble and practice the art of Witchcraft and follow a Pagan lifestyle. A witch and a sorcerer are different from each other in the fact that a witch’s qualities are inherent and they do not use physical tools in the manifestation of their powers, unlike sorcerers.

Witchcraft is the supposed possession and use of supernatural or magical powers. It was tabooed since its birth and the concept of good witchcraft came into existence later on during the mid 20th century. Although believed to be Satan worshippers, witches are actually believers of God and believe in the Divine Power which encompasses all natural things. Witchcraft is considered to be a religion and has its own holidays and festivals. Samhain (Pagan New Year), Yule, Winter Solstice, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Midsummer Solstice and Lugnassadh are some of the main holidays.

Being witches and already having beyond the normal powers, witches are more prone than the average human being to be developed psychically. Witches tend to concern themselves with the unseen worlds and try to be open-minded to information gained through their sixth sense and are less likely to not take this information seriously. But then again all people are naturally psychic though most tend to ignore their guts, intuition and inner voice.

A mixture of psychic understanding and witchcraft makes it easier to describe and influence the mind and the spiritual or unworldly things.

Moreover, where modern witchcraft generally relies more on rituals, spells, spirits of nature, and cosmic laws, the psychics focus on the mind and its consciousness. So cleansing their psychic abilities is befitting for witches since psychic witchcraft is a practical approach because it uses whichever method is suitable for one and enhances self-understanding and brings about greater clarity of things.

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