Slippery slope of weakening constitutional rights

Lisa R. Parker

To the Editor,

President Joe Biden has at the time once again falsely claimed, “You could not get a canon when the Second Amendment was passed”.  Even the remaining-leaning PolitiFact has frequently dominated it untrue and stated that Biden, “…needs to cease producing this assert.”

Private citizens could in truth, and did, acquire canons in the course of the Innovative War time period and when the 2nd Modification was passed, there were being no legal guidelines prohibiting citizens from continuing to acquire canons.  The Founders apparently believed that personal citizens need to have firepower relatively equivalent to the government’s in case—like King George’s—government grew to become tyrannical.  The Founders even wrote into the Declaration of Independence that in such cases, “…it is their ideal, it is their duty, to toss off these types of Governing administration.” 

But how do we reconcile this constitutional ideal with our require to halt mass shootings in our country?

Most People concur that we need to have sturdy history checks and pink flag guidelines.  Federal legislation already involves history checks for all gun purchases at gun outlets, or 78 p.c of all guns revenue.  Rhode Island and 20 other states have enacted rules that demand even more checks on individuals attempting to buy a gun privately or at a gun exhibit.  19 states, to involve Rhode Island, have crimson flag rules that allow authorities to temporarily confiscate guns from all those a decide policies a danger to them selves or other folks.  Other states are wanting at passing related legislation.  And which is the place these types of legislative choices constitutionally belong, with the states—not with the federal authorities.

As semi-computerized rifle ownership has long gone up in the latest a long time, our country’s violent crime charge has declined by 54 %.  Fewer than 2 per cent of gun fatalities are prompted by individuals wielding semi-computerized rifles.    

87 % of mass shooters have made use of legally acquired weapons.  Just about all mass shooters experienced gone through track record checks and experienced not been the topics of problems that would have triggered red flag legislation.  Whilst these fairly non-intrusive guidelines should be strengthened and widened, record demonstrates they will not quit mass shootings. 

So, what is to be done?  We can definitely do extra to safeguard our most vulnerable—our faculty children—with protection-supervised, solitary-point accessibility and with hardened lecture rooms.  We can also dedicate much more economical and social resources toward improved mental well being.  Even increasing to 21 the bare minimum age to invest in a gun, the exact same age required to purchase alcohol, seems fair. 

If this sort of alterations are built and mass shootings keep on in non-faculty options, will most politicians and anti-Next Amendment groups then make a decision, as numerous already have, that the only way to entirely quit mass shootings is to confiscate all semi-automatic firearms from all Americans—to include all pistols, shotguns, hunting rifles, focus on athletics rifles, house protection firearms, and all other guns that have the functionality to hearth successive rounds devoid of cycling a bolt or cocking a hammer?

Beware the slippery slope of weakening constitutional legal rights.  Paraphrasing Martin Niemöller’s well known Holocaust poem, “First They Arrived,” upcoming People in america may well say:  “First they arrived for the Next Amendment and I did not converse out, simply because I was not a gun owner.  Then they came for the Initial Amendment’s absolutely free push and I did not talk out, due to the fact I didn’t rely on most information resources anyway.  Then they came for liberty of faith and I did not converse out, mainly because I’m not a frequent church-goer.  Then they arrived for citizens’ independence of speech and I did not talk out, simply because I am a tranquil person who stays to myself.  But lastly, they came for the Fourth Amendment, to arrest me devoid of cause—but there was no one particular still left with constitutional protections to talk out for me.”

Lonnie Barham,


Barham is a retired Army colonel and previous civilian police officer.

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