The Five Love Languages of Network Marketers

Lisa R. Parker

Imagine what it would be like if you gave birth to a brand new baby and never held it, never kissed it, or never showed it any love? It is a proven fact that if you did that to a newborn, it would certainly die.

Well the same thing holds true for people that we recruit onto our teams, if we don’t show them love, they eventually will either die off or quit immediately.

With that being said, what is the best way for you to demonstrate compassion for your team members?

Dr. Gary Chapman has written several books on the Five Love Languages. He has versions available for couples, singles, teens and children. For the purpose of what we do in our industry, I’ve outlined what I consider to be the Five Love Languages for Network Marketers, which will help you to nurture and develop your team and they are as follows:

#1 – Communication
Communication is such an important part of showing your team members that you care. Recent upgrades in technology, has made it is easy for anyone to send a simple e-mail or e-card to team members letting them know that you appreciate them, or acknowledging something great that they’ve recently done. However, I must say that taking the time to hand write a simple note of praise and sending it in the mail is one of the best ways you can communicate. Your team members will feel even more appreciated.

In this day and age, when so many people are boasting about building teams without picking up the phone, I encourage you to do just the opposite. Calling your team member shows them that they mean more to you than just a dollar sign or a number on your genealogy, and it demonstrates that you’re sincerely interested in building a relationship.

#2 – Recognition
People become a part of network marketing companies because of the recognition and financial rewards. This is a well known fact. Corporate America has gotten away from recognizing their employees for a job well done, and as a result of this, the average person is starving for this type of public showing of appreciation.

Simple acts of recognition not only helps to make a team member feel good, but it goes straight to the bottom line of your business because in network marketing, what gets recognized, gets done.

Therefore, if you recognize the top in sales, then you will have increases in sales and the same holds true for recruiting.

But let’s face it, people need to be stroked. And at the end of the day, there is a little kid in all of us that still gets excited when we receive a gold star. So we must make sure to give out plenty of gold stars.

#3 – Gifts
People love to receive gifts. Giving them is one of the strongest ways to increase retention on your team. Certainly, in an industry with an attrition rate of over 90%, you will want to do everything that you can to reduce that statistic. Also, remember birthdays and anniversaries and send little gifts on these special occasions as well. It acknowledges that your relationship extends outside the realms of just business. Building solid relationships creates loyalty amongst the team that could potentially last forever.

#4 – Servant Leadership
Servant leadership is all about meeting the needs of the people that you lead. A servant leader is one who devotes him or herself to serving their team. Acts of service can range anywhere from being available to assist your team with their events and meetings, or assisting them with closing new business partners, or even being available for them in a time of need.

One of my favorite authors, Marian Wright Edelman, says that “Service Is the Rent You Pay for Living” and I believe that.

#5 – Spending Time Together as a Team
There is nothing that beats the bonding experience of coming together as a team. Gathering your team members for social occasions such as bowling events, pizza parties or team retreats is the perfect way for everyone to get to know each other. This allows your team members to see everyone in a relaxed environment and they get to know another side of each other as well. Life long and life changing friendships are developed in these types of settings.

Here’s the bottom line, after years of working my network marketing business, I’ve learned that it will attract all kinds of people, with different personality types. These personalities will merge together forming a melting pot of opinions and ideals, which will define the culture of your team. You must understand and appreciate each personality for everything that they have to offer because it takes all types to make a team.

As a team leader in the MLM industry, your role is to show love and concern and build relationships.

So, STOP and ask yourself these key questions, how could you not have an affinity for the people that are helping you to achieve your goals and live your dreams? How could you not appreciate those people that work with you and help you even when they don’t have to?

When you are abundantly blessed, it is your duty to be a blessing to others and what a better way to be a blessing than to demonstrate love to our teams.

Doing so gets to the core of our cause as MLM Leaders, which is literally to change lives. Loving your team is not just something that is nice to do. It is something that you must do in order to have long-term success

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