The Mystery of Ed Leedskalnin

Lisa R. Parker

The Coral Castle in Homestead Florida is one of the most mysterious structures of modern times. Constructed by one man, Edward Leedskalnin, this 1100 structure made of huge coral blocks were single-handedly carved, moved, positioned by this 100 pound Latvian immigrant less than a hundred years ago. Although the Coral Castle itself is a great mystery, seemingly even more mysterious is the man who created it.

Ed Leedskalnin was born in Latvia in 1887 and he died in Miami, Florida in 1951. He was 64 years old. The story goes that Ed was 26 years old when he was engaged to be married to his sweetheart Agnes scuffs. Agnes was 10 years younger than Ed and he purportedly always referred to her as his Sweet Sixteen. On the day before the wedding, Agnes told Ed that she did not want to marry him for one of a variety of reasons. It could have been that he was too old for her. The other possibility for her rejection of him was that he did not have any money. It is said that Ed also thought that his fourth-grade education could have played a role in why she did not want to be with him the rest of her life. But there may have been another reason altogether more sinister than these. Edward thought that Agnes may have actually loved someone else.

Yet despite all of the possible reasons that she did not want him, and considering the severity of the rejection itself, Ed still referred to her as his Sweet Sixteen. This nickname is usually attributed to the 10-year difference between them and also the age that she was when she rejected him. There may however be another reason behind this cryptic nickname.

Devastated by his rejection, Ed decided to leave Latvia in search of something better. He wondered for several years and eventually made his way to Canada and later down into California and finally to Texas. He is supposed to have worked at a variety of places including lumber camps and was involved in at least one cattle drive which led him to the state of Texas.

Although these jobs would seemingly reflex a very healthy and stout type of person, somehow he developed a case of tuberculosis. At some point, he was told that the climate in southern Florida would be good for his condition. Despite what we know today regarding humid air and it’s potentially devastating effects for tuberculosis victims, Ed found his way to southern Florida and settled at a place called Florida City.

The acre of land that Ed bought for twelve dollars was located about 10 miles south of the current location of the Coral Castle in Homestead Florida. It is at this point that many stories arise regarding how Ed began moving and carving the enormous blocks of coral. It is said that he created his first coral piece in the shape of a circle couch with three pillows for his head all made of coral. What was more amazing was that Ed could move this several ton piece of coral with his foot while laying on it so that he could keep himself oriented with the sun as he recovered from his tuberculosis.

Most of his early coral creations were said to have been created and moved with only primitive tools. Only later at the Homestead site do we see any indication that large scale tools were used in the famous pictures which purportedly showed Ed working, despite the claims that no one has ever seen him at work.

The mystery that is most fascinating about all of this is where did Edward Leedskalnin learned to move, carve, and the balance these massive coral pieces without the aid of either modern equipment or the help of another human being? Due to the fact that this 1100 structure does exist, we know that Ed truly did do something that modern equipment and technology would find almost impossible to replicate, if replication is possible at all, and yet he had none of this at his disposal over 70 years ago.

In my opinion, Edward Leedskalnin tapped into an energy that few people have tapped into over the course of history. Ed said that he knew the secrets of the pyramid builders which indicates that Ed may have known a secret technology which may have been levitation of stones through the negation of gravity.

Another possibility that I stumbled upon is that Ed may have tapped into zero point energy and evidence of this can be seen in the symbology created at the original site of the Coral Castle. By tapping into this energy, it allowed him to do what we would call the miraculous.

The person that actually discovers how Ed was able to maneuver these enormous blocks of coral will not only, in my opinion, finally understand the true nature of gravity, but by default will upset the balance of our current world structure regarding energy by allowing all of us to tap into what many call free energy and finally end our dependency upon our current energy supplies.

Who was Ed Leedskalnin? Why did he really come to south Florida? Where did he learn how to carve, move, and balance megalithic coral blocks? We may never know his secret, but he did leave many clues behind, clues that lead us toward not only the secret of the Coral Castle, but also the secret of Edward Leedskalnin.

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