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Lisa R. Parker

The flashing monument on the northwest corner of 72nd and Dodge Streets alerts passersby that “exciting” new developments are coming.

Here’s an update on “The Crossroads”:

Plans detailing the proposed layout of the roughly $500 million mixed-use redevelopment are newly submitted to the Omaha Planning Department. That kicks off a governmental process to approve various technical aspects of the project slated to replace the shopping mall that occupied the corner since 1960.

Also to be considered at the January Planning Board meeting (and later by the City Council) is a request by Lockwood and Century development companies for a public tax-increment financing incentive. 

Among changes proposed on and around the property is an additional left turn lane into The Crossroads for eastbound traffic on Dodge. Currently there is only one, and Lockwood’s Emily O’Connor said a second would help prevent a bottleneck of cars entering the re-energized campus.

More construction at 72nd and Dodge: The Swivel rises

Last week, crews began tearing down the former Sears Auto Center, which was part of the mall proper. Demolition overall is expected to wrap up next June and new construction activity should begin.

Previously, a couple of buildings on the mall’s western periphery (the old Best Buy and Applebee’s restaurant) were razed to make way for the new series of office, retail and entertainment structures and green space. In all, the new project site is to span about 40 acres and could reach 10 stories at its peak.

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