Use Reverse Psychology to Get Your Ex Back – It’s a Sure-Fire Way to Succeed!

Lisa R. Parker

Let me explain just what reverse psychology is. Your ex knows you better than anyone else, right? He/she is used to your behaviour, and how you react to certain things. I want to know from you, what would your ex’s reaction be if your behaviour was totally out of character and you reacted in an absolutely different way to the break up, to what he/she expects of you?

Your ex would probably freak out right? He/she would think that you’re not the person that he/she was involved with. And, if your ex hears these things from other people as well, this would confirm what your ex is thinking right now – that you have changed – totally.

This is precisely why I say, use reverse psychology to get your ex back, because it’s bound to work. Now, your normal reaction after the break up would be to rant and rave, cry and perform, and beg and plead to be taken back, right? So do exactly the opposite.

Just call up your ex, and very calmly thank him/her for the time that you spent together. Say to your ex that it was really great being with him/her, but the break up came at the right moment, because you are so ready to carry on with your life. Tell your ex to enjoy his/her life as well. You need to get your ex’s attention, and this is the best way, I can assure you!

This is reverse psychology at its best, and I can promise you, your ex’s mind is ticking over like crazy, wondering what the heck just happened. Your ex won’t waste time either. He/she will get together with your friends to tell them what is going on, and they will simply shrug and say that they know, because you have been out with them quite a lot already.

Now your ex is really gong to feel left out of things. Without saying a word to him/her, you have been out having a ball on your own. It’s just not like you to do anything without your ex, and here you are, right after the break up, behaving as if nothing has happened.

Reverse psychology is wonderful. It doesn’t cost a cent, no-one gets hurt, and it takes very little effort. However, the results you get by using it are amazing as you’ll see, when your ex contacts you with a suggestion to get back together again.

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