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Lisa R. Parker
  • What types of human meals do ants like?
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  • Would ants instead have: a cookie, an apple, a piece of bread, a carrot, or a piece of meat?
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When you are hungry, do you prefer an orange or a fudge brownie? Pizza or a hamburger? Now that you’ve answered that issue, what do you imagine ants desire to try to eat? A cookie, an apple, or a piece of meat? You can determine it out primarily based on this science undertaking.

  • 5 tiny plastic plates
  • &#13

  • Cookie
  • &#13

  • Apple
  • &#13

  • Piece of bread
  • &#13

  • Carrot
  • &#13

  • Piece of meat
  • &#13

  • Anthill
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  1. Established out 5 small plastic plates.
  2. &#13

  3. Put a cookie on a single plate, an apple on a 2nd, a piece of bread on the 3rd, a carrot on a fourth, and a piece of meat on a fifth. Check out to make confident that the parts of foodstuff are about the exact same measurement.
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  5. Uncover an anthill that appears to consist of quite a few ants. Make positive that the anthill does not contain fire ants, which have a reddish-brown head and thorax, but a darker stomach.
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  7. Location the five plates close to the anthill.
  8. &#13

  9. Go away the spot for about an hour.
  10. &#13

  11. When you appear back, depend the range of ants on each plate, and insert the outcome into a desk this kind of as the a person under.
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  13. Repeat the past move immediately after 1.5 hrs and just after two several hours.
  14. &#13

  15. Calculate the averages of each individual column and insert them into the table.
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  17. Examine your info. Which food items did the ants like the very best? The minimum? Why do you believe that was so?
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Terms/Ideas: What do ants commonly eat?  Where do ants stay?

References: Experiments You Can Do in Your Yard, edited by Joanna Callihan and Nathan Hemmelgarn, pp 22-23.

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