Your Wife Left You But You Want Her Back – Use Reverse Psychology to Get Your Wife Back

Lisa R. Parker

Did you wake up one day to find that your wife left you? Did you decide that you want her back but you’re not sure what to do? If your wife left you but you want her back it can seem like an impossible situation. After all, how do you get someone to love you again when they don’t even want to live with you anymore? Here’s the good news though: All is not lost. Try reverse psychology to get your wife back.

How can you use reverse psychology to get your wife back? First, start by giving your wife what she says she wants: time away from you. If you’ve been begging and pleading with your wife to take you back, or if you’ve been arguing with your wife a lot, now is the time to stop. In fact, now is the time to do the opposite and employ the No Contact Rule.

What is the No Contact Rule? Basically it is exactly what it says: you don’t contact your wife at all. If your wife says she wants a divorce and she left you, then show her what her life will be like with you in it. This is especially effective if you have been trying really hard to get your wife back but it’s not working. The moment you stop talking to her, she will begin to wonder what happened. Then she will start thinking about you. Then she won’t be able to resist the urge to call you or stop by. When she does, make sure that you are friendly, but don’t mention the marriage. Keep everything light-hearted and drama-free.

How long should you use the No Contact Rule if you want to get your wife back? Ideally, you should use it until your wife contacts you. Plus once she has contacted you, use it for a while longer to make sure that you don’t go back to begging her to take you back.

What else can you do that involves reverse psychology to get your wife back? While you are using the No Contact Rule, you can also go out and have some fun. Do some things you’ve always wanted to do but didn’t because your wife didn’t want you to. Or go out and learn something that you never had time to pursue before. This way when you do start to talk to your wife again she will see you as a new man and wonder what you’ve been up to. She will also respect you for not putting your life on hold and waiting around for her to come back.

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