Can You Get Him Back Using Reverse Psychology?

Lisa R. Parker

While there are many ways of getting your ex back perhaps one that you feel holds the most promise might be by using reverse psychology on him. You have tried just about everything else under the sun to get him to change his mind and the thought of using reverse psychology might seem like the perfect plan to get him back

What Is It? – Reverse psychology is simply telling someone that you want the opposite of what you really desire in hopes of getting them to do the reverse. This technique is often used by parents on rebellious children and since your ex is acting like a big baby you might think that this is the perfect solution to your problem.

What you would do is to tell your ex or make him believe that you really don’t want him anymore in hopes that he will do the opposite of what a normal reaction would be… that is for him to go away. So if he is being defiant and pulling away from you the reverse would be that he would want to get close to you.

As you can probably see, this technique might work on small children who are misbehaving in a grocery store but for a guy that can come and go as he pleases, the chances for success are slim. As a matter of fact, you might find that your ex actually calls your bluff and goes out and finds someone else while telling you that he didn’t think you cared anyhow.

What Works – So, what will work in helping you to get your ex back? While psychological techniques are a very powerful way to get him back, reverse psychology in general will often blow up in your face. You have to remember that right now your ex isn’t feeling love, devotion, want, need and desire for you so by taking your love away from him you aren’t really tweaking anything. You aren’t motivating him or moving him emotionally.

But what if you could get him to fall in love with you again or feel an intense desire to get back together with you? That is what using male psychology is all about and you really can’t beat him over the head with this stuff. In order for your psychological techniques to be effective you are going to have to be subtle. Right now he knows that you want to get back together with him so anything and everything that you do is suspect.

Often a cooling off period is necessary before you start to get to work at getting him back. Allowing the dust to settle and for him to begin to let his guard down will make getting him back so much easier and quicker in the long run. Subtle psychological tricks and by messing with his emotions using male psychology you can not only change your ex’s mind about your breakup but have him wanting you more than he ever has before.

After all, aren’t psychological techniques what governments find most successful in making enemies talk and even to get grown men to turn their back on their own country. What makes you think that it would really be difficult for you to use male psychology to get your ex to change his mind and come back to you?

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