Graduate Scholarships For Women – Further Your Studies With Graduate Scholarships

Lisa R. Parker

Graduate school scholarships provide college graduates or students who have excellent or similar academic standing with financial support as they continue their graduate education in their chosen fields. Since graduate school can be costly, a good alternative to pursuing one’s studies without having to spend for it or to spend lesser than usual, would be to get a scholarship or a grant, aside from taking out student loans. Although your college diploma could expose you to more opportunities already, finishing your graduate school studies can give you an edge among other professionals in the future; but as is the case, going through graduate school means going through a lot of expenses and loans.

As the adage goes, “What your mind can conceive, your body can achieve”; basically, if you are determined to pursue your graduate studies, nothing is impossible. In fact, graduate scholarships for women are there to assist you in your journey and they can also help you find jobs sooner than other graduates.

Before you jump into the scholarship bandwagon, it is important to know what types of graduate scholarships are available. Some scholarships can provide you with financial assistance while others can provide you that and a job. Now, would you still go for the ordinary scholarship program?

What are the different types of graduate school scholarships?

* General Scholarships are offered to anyone with no specific qualification. This would mean that both men and women are qualified for general scholarships and the main criteria for sponsors to consider you would be based on your academic standing. These scholarships are offered by certain organizations and offices. Since you are looking for graduate scholarships for women, applying for general scholarships would mean that your application will be put against several other applications, both from males and females. Your chances of being rewarded student assistance are quite slim.

* Campus-Specific Scholarships are scholarships offered by universities to its existing or current students. In order to qualify for one, you need to meet certain criteria that the school poses and you have to be a student of that certain school as well. If your school does not offer graduate school scholarships, you might have to transfer to another school that provides its students with graduate school scholarship as well as good incentives.

* Federal and State Scholarships and Assistance are scholarships provided by the government. Some government offices cater solely to women and provide support for undergraduate, college and graduate studies. Notable sponsors are The Society of Women Engineers and National Women’s Studies Association.

* Athletic scholarships are one of the most-favored scholarships by both men and women students. Not only is it easy to qualify for one (you need to be good in sports and stay at an average academic level), there are also chances wherein national teams would sign you up to play for them during or after your stay in the university. If you are passionate about sports and about your studies, athletic scholarships could be your thing.

Applying for graduate scholarships for women is easy, provided you have meet the requirements or qualifications and you are determined to become a scholar. This would mean accepting the duty of making sure your grades remain above average throughout your stay in graduate school. Simply put, it would mean hard work. To apply for a scholarship, it is recommended to check your own university first. Most universities provide their own students with better awards compared to programs sponsored by organizations.

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