Kenya: I Did not Lose in 2007, 2013 and 2017 Presidential Polls – Odinga

Lisa R. Parker

The force to amend the Constitution arrived at a crescendo this 7 days following President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Handshake spouse Raila Odinga launched signature collections. Mr Odinga sat down with our reporter Justus Wanga. Listed here are some of the excerpts of the interview

The mission of the Setting up Bridges Initiative (BBI), you explained to us, was to unite the region, will not you assume going into a referendum when other individuals like Deputy President William Ruto are not keen on it would divide Kenya even more?

I want to be taken to a political university and obtain classes on what this so-known as non-contested referendum is. Then why do have it if it’s non-contested? You would just need to go to Parliament and have it permitted that’s the close of it. In any referendum, there a issue on no matter whether 1 supports a particular concern or not, that by now leaves 1 with a preference to make. You can never ever be expecting absolute support on any issue. A referendum by nature ought to have some persons supporting and other people opposing it.

Ended up there improvements sneaked into the report without having your awareness?

Not at all. Most of the things in the doc have remained the way they had been. There is nothing at all fundamental re-released in it. The issue on IEBC (The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Fee) actually does not have to have to be captured in the Structure. It can be tackled even by laws.

You are on file as expressing that the state demands not to expend much more than Sh2 billion on the referendum. How simple is this?

The price tag of executing elections in this nation is outrageously large because of the inherent corruption in the program. Research by IFES – Intercontinental Foundation for Electoral Systems – on the charge of accomplishing elections in the earth finds that in the US, they invest about Sh55 for each ballot, in some European counties it about Sh77. If it is very high-priced, it comes to Sh110.

It is only in Africa where by the price tag is inflated from Sh220, some Sh330. In Nigeria, it climbs to Sh550 and it is really greatest in Kenya at Sh770. So when I talked about Sh2 billion, I was pegging the charge of a ballot at Sh110 and assuming we are 20 million registered voters, that would arrive to about that funds due to the fact a referendum includes 1 ballot paper per voter. With a lot more frugality, the price tag could even come down. They are buying absolutely nothing new, the machines and the infrastructure are there.

The DP and other critics say you are averse to accepting election defeat and that this is what fuels your urge to adjust the laws following each poll.

Whenever I am defeated, I often take. I was defeated in 1997 by Nyayo (the late President Daniel arap Moi) and I recognized. Why do you want me to concede however I did not eliminate in 2007, 2013 and 2017 presidential elections? You could want to remember that the Supreme Court docket voided the presidential election results in 2017 mainly because the electoral commission by no means followed the regulation. In 2013, the courtroom dominated from us on the foundation that our evidence proving electoral malpractices was time-barred yet it is the IEBC that dilly-dallied with providing us with the very same, so how do you conclude that I was defeated? You perfectly know what happened in 2007 and how we ended up with a coalition government.

Critics say if it passes, the constitutions re-makes an imperial president.

The notion is to move absent from a pure presidential system to create a hybrid program the place the president is elected then appoints his Cabinet from outside the house Parliament. Most experienced democracies undertake either pure parliamentary or hybrid units of governance.

A pure presidential procedure is only discovered in the United States of The us (US) and third planet countries that are emerging from single-social gathering dictatorship in Africa.

With the exception of the US, which tactics the federal method of governance in which most get the job done is done in the States, it has been proven in the globe that parliamentary technique is a great deal additional accountable than presidential set up.

Do you consider sections of the Church and the civil culture are justified in the opposition to the proposed constitutional modifications?

Most of their concerns are unfounded. Like a section of the church has talked of an imagery provision of boosting the job of the Kadhi’s Court that they outrageously declare was currently being elevated to have appellate jurisdiction. They are also chatting of reacting the imperial presidency, request them where?

Are there at any time fears in your camp or that of the President that the handshake, which is not based on any formally signed arrangement, could conveniently be deserted by possibly you or the President without the need of any warning for other effortless political promotions in advance of the 2022 Normal Election?

We are now at the tail-conclusion of it. The existing govt leaves workplace in 2022. You observed the President occur out so strongly that we are going for the referendum.