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When parents look for a private home tutor for their child, what do they search for in a home tuition agency in Singapore? The top internet and media reviews? Being the best tuition agency in Singapore? While all these help, what parents are looking for are highly qualified and highly experienced home tutors for their children. Parents are looking for the top-skilled home tutors so their children can improve academically or in a specific subject. So, when a tuition agency can always provide the best and most-skilled home tutors to their valued clients, it’s no surprise that they can claim to be the number one private home tuition in Singapore.

This is FamilyTutor

FamilyTutor’s home tuition can boast a strong record in improvement rates, with a proven track record for grades improving by 1-3 levels within 4 months of tutoring sessions at least twice a week, 1.5 hours per session. Not only do the student’s grades improve, their self-confidence increases and learning experiences are boosted positively. Specifically, our private tuition offers the following:

Top-skilled home tutors

All tutors who apply and register with us are carefully hand-picked, vetted, and rigorously interviewed. We make sure that tutors have outstanding qualifications, good experience, and an excellent improvement track record. We protect all our clients with the highest protection against substandard tutors.

Top-notch pricing

All our tutoring sessions have reasonable lesson hourly rates. All our prices or rates have 100% price transparency. We don’t contain hidden costs, zero agency fee, and zero GST.

Top-tier customer service

Parents don’t have to worry about hiring the right home tutor for their child. We will guide parents throughout the entire hiring process. Throughout the hiring process, we will always listen to the parents’ or students’ needs so we can personalize our hiring for the right tutor while sharing detailed tutor profiles for parents to review.

Top-notch academic improvement

We have a proven track record of improving grades at least 1-3 levels within the first 4 months of hiring a tutor. Our tutors and tutoring sessions carry no gimmicks and cheats because we only want improved academic results for all students. As much as possible, we also want a happy child emerging from home tuition because a happy child is a healthy child with boosted self-confidence.

Understanding the parents first

While we fully understand the struggles that students face with Singapore’s high-quality education system, we also understand the struggles of parents in their desire for their children to achieve academic success. Because of the competitive education system, parents turn to home tuition for their children. But with so many tuition agencies in Singapore, parents find it a struggle to find the “best” home tuition agency and home tutor.

With this in mind and experience, FamilyTutor, as a top private home tuition agency, has continued to serve not only students but also parents in Singapore for more than 20 years. We have realized over the years that there is actually no such thing as the “best” home tutor. Rather, we strive to provide “the most suitable” home tutor for your children.

This is what makes our private home tuition agency the best reviewed in Singapore, with 4.95 stars on Google reviews alone. With our qualified and experienced pool of tutors, we have created countless excellent student-tutor matches over the years. Our tuition agency is focused on taking your children’s academics to the next level.

Hiring or searching for a private home tutor at FamilyTutor is easy

1. Go to our official website and fill in the Tutor Request Form. This form is important because the initial search process for finding a “suitable” home tutor will be based on this form.

2. FamilyTutor will then contact you on WhatsApp.

3. Within 12 to 48 hours, parents will receive top-quality tutor profiles for selection.

4. Once the parents have selected a home tutor, lessons can start as soon as a schedule is agreed on.

5. Within 1-4 months of hiring a home tutor, parents can see their child’s grades improve 1-3 levels.

6. Parents do not need to pay for anything until the tutoring lessons start.

The FamilyTutor experience

FamilyTutor has sent its tops-skilled home tutors to all housing districts in Singapore. That’s 28 districts. This means that over the years, we have served over 8,000 satisfied families by making sure that they get the tutor suitable for their children. We don’t just cover most major subjects at all levels; our tutors cover more than 200 subjects for all levels.

Visit our official website today or give us a call first if you have additional enquiries.   

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