Psychic Feelings – What Are They & Where Do They Come From?

Lisa R. Parker

Psychic feelings are those ” gut feelings” that are felt from the energy of those around you – not emanating from yourself. This can sometimes be difficult to identify or experience because you are getting various emotions from various people – some or which may be overwhelming and upsetting. Some psychics often become ill due to the amount of pain and sadness they are sensing from others, hence one of the reasons you will often here good psychics referred to as ” sensitive”.

Because these feelings come on so strongly, many who experience this can at some point actually know or learn to know what others are thinking purely based on how they feel. They not only know a person’s pain, but know where it comes from. It is the subconscious mind that holds the answer to the pain. So someone with psychic feelings either can train themselves to do or like the psychic ability itself can just do so automatically.

Psychic feelings are often felt in the stomach area – which after experiencing this ability for awhile it becomes easier to realize when you are sensing others feelings rather than your own because of where in your body you feel these emotions. This area in the abdomen is called the solar plexus. What the psychic feels can be mild like butterflies or stronger like a knot in the stomach.

This area in the body is usually the point where psychic feelings are felt because it has numerous networks of the nervous system along with every major organ is linked to this area. This is also where all of the body’s vital functions are processed such as blood pressure, respiration and metabolism. Some believe that this is also the location in the body where the physical and spiritual worlds join.

In many eastern philosophies, the parts of the body that are identified as spiritual centers are referred to as * chakra’s” with each point being an opening to the energies and aura’s outside of the physical body. So, using the ” gut feeling” metaphor, it would make sense that when a psychic feels someone else’s emotion that the stomach area would be the place..:-)

Having psychic feelings can be difficult until you work with yourself on how to deal with the situation. You can, as others often do, use this ability to benefit yourself and others. So few of us are able to use our human ability of psychic powers and those who can should look into ways of helping others.

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